Starting your career



Taking into account our future staffing requirements, Sovcomflot is developing cooperation with Russia’s maritime educational institutions. The company is directly involved in training future specialists, organises the programme of practical training at sea on an annual basis, and meets regularly with students. 

In 2016, 151 cadets from different Russian maritime institutions, as well as 30 trainee sailors and motormen received training on Sovcomflot ships.  

Together with the leading maritime universities, Sovcomflot continues to implement targeted training programmes for young fleet officers. SCF crewing specialists select the most promising students for target groups that study at the Admiral Ushakov State Maritime University, the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, and the Admiral Nevelskoy State Maritime University - 20 students in each institution. In the future, these cadets will receive guaranteed employment in SCF’s fleet, and the employer, in turn, will get some of the best young professionals.

129 graduates of Russian maritime universities were employed at Sovcomflot in 2016.

Today, there is an acute shortage of skilled crews in the shipping industry. Under these conditions, Sovcomflot Group pays particular attention to training qualified rank-and-file personnel, considering the needs of the Group and the specifics of its fleet.  

Together with the Novorossiysk College of Building and Economics, Sovcomflot is implementing an educational and training project for seamen who want to work as electric and gas welders and turners. Promising young sailors and motormen, who have been recommended by a chief engineer, are sent to attend such courses. The company also continues to implement a programme of nominating candidates for pumpman positions, from among the most technically trained rank-and-file sailors and is looking to invite blue-collar workers from related industries in different regions of Russia.